in the service of the Benedictine abbey since 1093

We work every day to make the historical diversity of a monastery tangible today!

Our mission is to preserve a living Benedictine place!

Documentary on the monasteries entities by German Südwest Rundfunk.

Our history

Unsere Geschichte reicht zurück bis in das Jahr 1093 a.D. Dieses Jahr gilt als das Gründungsjahr unserer altehrwürdigen Benediktinerabtei. Seitdem haben über die Jahrhunderte die Benediktinermönche, die hier lebten, mit ihrer Hände Arbeit, den Fortbestand des Klosters gesichert. Schon in der Regel des Heiligen Benedikt ist überliefert, dass Landwirtschaft betrieben und Handwerk ausgeübt werden soll. Denn Faulheit ist der Seele Feind. Beten und Arbeiten – Ora et labora.

Our mission

We, the employees of the Benedictine Abbey, have taken on this task: to ensure the continued existence of the Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach. In many different entities with the most diverse professions, up to 250 employees ensure that the remaining monks are supported in their search for God. Furthermore we ensure that the more than 900-year-old buildings can be maintained.

The Laacher entities

Seehotel Maria Laach

Monastery Restaurant

Book and art shop

The "Genussmanufaktur"

Garden center



Monastery Shop



Boat rental

Publishing house "Klosterverlag"

Products from Laacher entities


Based on the original designs, which are available to the Benedictine Abbey Maria Laach exclusively from the estate of Bauhaus ceramist Father Theodor Bogler OSB, the Laacher pottery today is again producing these style icons.


The Klosterverlag, Laach’s own publishing house, produces bronze works with a company based in Germany based on designs by well-known contemporary artists.

Laacher monastery beer


Our monastery beer was created in cooperation with the Vulkan brewery in Mendig. The recipe was developed in an extensive tasting together with members of the convent. By this, the Laacher monastery beer is an absolutely regional and authentic product – inspired by a centuries-old tradition.

Premium TEES

The herbal mixtures for teas from the Maria Laach monastery are served to monks every day at mealtimes in the refectory.


Pottery has a long tradition in Maria Laach Abbey. In the early 20th century, the pottery workshop experienced a new heyday thanks to the Bauhaus-trained monk Theodor Bogler.


Fruits from the monastery orchard is used in the Laacher fruit spreads, manufactured in the monastery kitchen. Therefore, the number of different types of jelly and fruit spread is limited tot he types grown.


The chutneys are created with little sugar on the basis of the Laacher apples, which grow on volcanic soil in the largest nature reserve in Rhineland-Palatinate. Those apples are allowed to enjoy the sun for a whole summer. Fish, vegetables, meat but also cheese benefit from the monastery chutneys.


High-quality writing instruments are handcrafted by Brother Jakobus. Selected woods, graceful optics and a noble finish speak for themselves. Only the best is good enough for the trained carpenter.


In the bookbinding shop, centuries old books are primarily repaired. In addition, notebooks are made there with expert craftsmanship.


The traditional pastry shop in the Seehotel has been in existence for over 150 years. Up to 20 different cakes and tarts are freshly made every day. From Maria Laach to the whole world: Special creations, such as the Adenauer nut cake or the monastery „Stollen“, a fruit loaf, are shipped all over the world.


Not far from Lake Laach, the delicious apples are grown in the monastery orchard. There are up to eight different varieties, depending on the season and harvest volume; including apples suitable for allergic people.

Products from Maria Laach

Our products are availe on site in the many shops.
A selection of our products is also available for online shopping.

Many products from Maria Laach are available for wholesalers and resellers!

Products from Maria Laach are unique. Customers appreciate that the products from the monastery are authentic and genuine. Products from the arts and crafts sector in particular are handmade.

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